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Girl is Girl

Project Advisor

Ajarn Narupon Hinshiranan

GirlisGirl Exhibition.jpeg

Girl is Girl

“Raising awareness about the importance of empowering women is a crucial step towards achieving gender equality in Thailand. Women in the country often face discrimination and inequality, which hinders their personal and professional growth. Our team is dedicated to promoting gender equality by encouraging attendees to take pride in their unique identities and embrace diversity in all aspects by create an art exhibition that celebrates the diverse identities and beauty of women, while empowering them to embrace their unique features and enrich their inner beauty. The exhibition, entitled ‘Communicate to Engage, Enrich, and Empower,’ is a platform for showcasing the essence of each team member's personal experiences in communicating this issue through a series of still photographs and a video.”


Thunchanok Singsomroj.jpg

Thunchanok Singsomroj 


Desoraya Techapaibul 6248031828.jpg

Desoraya Techapaibul 


Mintra Peeraworasakul.jpg

Mintra Peeraworasakul


Chayanich Aunchananonda 6248016428.jpg

Chayanich Aunchananonda



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