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Project Advisor : Associate Professor Dr. Smith Boonchutima

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Jaifu is here to help! Jaifu is designed for teens and young adults, offering a friendly ear, emotional support, and a dose of cheer during tough times. With different personalities to match your mood, Jaifu provides a safe space to confide, get a pick-me-up, or simply find a non-judgmental companion.


In an era where people easily get high levels of stress and a notable lack of accessible emotional support, the growing challenge individuals face in finding someone to confide in during difficult times, the development of a distinctive chatbot or a virtual friend called “Jaifu” is designed to provide empathetic companionship and emotional support to teenagers, particularly university students aged 18 to 23.

The project and the main character are named “Jaifu” as we want to evoke a sense of light-heartedness to our users. With a focus on addressing the limited accessibility of personalized emotional support, Jaifu provides a range of supportive features, including listening, cheering up, and recommendations. Central to Jaifu's design are three distinct personas—Friendly Jaifu, Warmhug Jaifu, and Playful Jaifu—each crafted for specific emotional states and desired outcomes, while maintaining a foundation of friendliness and approachability.

This exploration of Jaifu's development holds promise for mitigating the emotional challenges faced by university students. By offering a non-judgemental, accessible source of companionship and personalized support through its various personas, Jaifu has the potential to bridge the gap in mental health resources and empower young adults to navigate difficult emotions.

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Anyamanee Rinmukda


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Jetiya Limphattana


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Prindhorn Udomboresuwan


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