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Communication Platform

kOOi Mental Health Conversation App

Project Advisor : Associate Professor Dr. Smith Boonchutima

KOOi is a senior project that aims to develop a mobile application facilitating open communication within families about mental health. With the app, users will be able to reduce the stigma and be guided through discussing their mental well-being with their parents or children.


This project is focused on enhancing parent-child communication about mental health within Thai families through the development of an innovative application. The project, aligned with the theme of "Liveable Community," addresses the prevalent lack of dialogue surrounding mental health matters in Thai families by fostering awareness and communication. The prototype application, named kOOi, aims to facilitate safe, healthy, and supported discussions on mental well-being within family settings. Through a comprehensive approach involving primary and secondary research, design thinking methodologies, and iterative development, the application's features were strategically crafted to address the complex dynamics of parent-child mental health communication. Key features include "Notify" for children to express stress, "Response" for parental support, "Appointment" for scheduling discussions, and "Facilitate with Flashcards" for educational resources. Evaluation through an online feedback survey demonstrated positive responses from participants, indicating high satisfaction with the app's usability, effectiveness, and potential impact on improving parent-child communication about mental health. The findings underscore the significance of the project in contributing to the creation of a more supportive and understanding community for families, with recommendations for continued refinement and development based on user feedback.

Arin Siriwallop_6348079028.HEIC
Arin Siriwallop


Bhurin Mungmeesup_6348058928.JPG
Bhurin Mungmeesup


Sangsan Srisawat_6348070328.JPG
Sangsan Srisawat


Ratima Jangkompee_6348061728.PNG
Ratima Jangkompee


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