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Brand Communication Campaign / Strategy


Project Advisor : Dr. Papaporn Chaihanchanchai

NIMBY Stands for Not In My BackYard. With the vision to “Speak, Solve, and Evolve, A Better Life for All,” NIMBY is a witty, sassy, storytelling cartoon designed to address the harsh reality we want to keep out of our backyard. The launch focuses on environmental concern of sea level rise, highlighted through the risks of “2050 Bangkok City Submerged”


NIMBY_TH’s first topic launches “บ้านในฝันฉันอยู่ใต้น้ำ Housewarming”, aiming to inform Gen Zs about the risk of Bangkok City Submerged 2050 due to the sea level rise. We hope for Gen Zs to foster personal connection with the issue and get inspired to start doing what they can.

NIMBY utilized integrated media communication channels, ranging from online to offline platforms.

We follow the journey of M the Mushroom and B the Bird, whose houses are completely flooded. Consequently, they pack their stuff, set out to find a new place to live and eventually settle down in one underwater house. Afterwards, they roam around, inviting friends to their housewarming event - "เปิดบ้านในฝันฉันอยู่ใต้น้ำ."

After two months of preparation and 28 days of execution, we created over 60 social media contents that reached over 20,000 users with 2036 interactions, and an immersive interactive event that welcomed 97 participants to the underwater house warming event.

Moving forward, NIMBY will continue to bring up crucial social issues that need to be spoken, solved, and evolved, to create a Livable Community, a better place for all.

Keywords: Climate Communication / Environment / Multimedia Communication Project / City Submerge / Sea Level Rise

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Anawat Meepien


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Auraya Kunakorn


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