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Social Media Campaign

Beyond Fibres

Project Advisor : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pavel Slutsky

“Beyond Fibres” is a communication campaign that aims to raise awareness and appreciation for the physical values of pineapple fibres and the benefits to communities involved in their production. Through a collaboration with ANANAS, a local Thai brand specialising in pineapple fibres, we have enhanced their online presence and deliver engaging education content to Gen Z individuals. We are committed to showcase the pivotal role of pineapple fibres in fostering our version of a ‘liveable community,’ characterised by environmental well-being, economic prosperity and cultural preservation.


“Liveable community,” a term simple to understand yet difficult to define. At a first glance, we wanted our version of a liveable community to be one that is environmentally sustainable. Perhaps, this idea was what other teams may have thought of or came across at some point given such global-scale importance. But somehow, it could also be a cliche and repetitive topic - challenging to standout amongst the crowd of creative communication students. Hence, we desire more, we envision a community that goes beyond merely possessing environmental sustainability.

We discovered pineapple fibres as a perfect tool that visualises our liveable community: a community that enables environmental well-being, economic prosperity, and cultural preservation. Together with the collaboration with ANANAS, a local Thai brand specialising in pineapple fibres, we launched an online communication campaign on their behalf, enhancing their online presence and broadcasting educational content to Gen Z, a generation in favourite to appreciate the values pineapple fibres hold and the positive impact it has to offer.

Having carried out the campaign on Instagram and Facebook, we employed a multifaceted approach to effectively broadcast engaging contents while highlighting the significance of pineapple fibres. Meanwhile, further collaboration with sustainability-focused media outlets reflect our commitment to amplify the contents to a larger yet niche audience.

Acknowledging the fact that the campaign is temporary, we constructed a visual toolkit for ANANAS to ensure communication consistency and paving the way for simple and efficient continuation of their online contents.

‘Beyond fibres’ was deliberately chosen as a name of the project to reflect the far-reaching and positive impacts of pineapple fibres. The project offers a beacon of hope, envisioning a future where the target audience will recognise the value of pineapple fibres and harness their potential. When this hope is fulfilled, our liveable community will be expanded and enriched.

Prangkaew Jirunthorn_6348040528.jpg
Paphada Tangkhaprasert


Parin Sirihorachai_6348049228.png
Thanpitcha Daocharoen


Sarannuch Choktrirasawwat_6348069828.png
Wuthikorn Kovitvanij


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