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Brand Communication Campaign / Strategy

SARTSAN: Thai Arts and Crafts / Campaign name : SARTSAN Palette of Thai Craft

Project Advisor : Dr. Rémy Jarry

The senior project "SARTSAN – ศาสตร์สรรค์" ("intersection of knowledge and practice with creation and craftsmanship") reimagines Thai arts and crafts by collaborating with local artisans and enthusiasts in Bangkok and its surrounding areas. Held at Suan Pakkard Palace Museum, the project targets Generation Z and late Millennials, offering immersive workshops in traditional art forms such as textiles and handcrafted brass rings. These workshops aim to bridge the gap between younger generations and traditional crafts, complemented by an exhibition highlighting ancient Thai textiles with a contemporary twist. Through social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, under the name "," the project aims to raise awareness and engage with a wider audience. Key metrics including social media growth and engagement rates will be tracked, supplemented by audience surveys to gauge satisfaction and awareness of Thai art and craft preservation. Ultimately, SARTSAN seeks to not only foster economic opportunities and cultural pride for artisans but also ensure the long-term preservation of Thai heritage and attract increased support and recognition.


SARTSAN: Thai Arts and Crafts is a community-driven project aimed at preserving Thai cultural heritage and empowering local communities. It was born from a desire to shed light on forgotten traditions and engage people in the intricacies of Thai arts and crafts, starting with the discovery of a previously unknown Thai dessert. By offering workshops and interactive experiences, SARTSAN provides a platform for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to immerse themselves in the richness of Thai cultural heritage in a contemporary context, challenging the perception of traditional crafts as old and solemn. The project seeks to not only celebrate these crafts but also to foster curiosity, appreciation, and ownership among participants while elevating Thai arts and crafts as symbols of cultural identity on the global stage, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant, inclusive, and culturally rich society.

Prangkaew Jirunthorn_6348040528.jpg
Anchulee Chompunich


Parin Sirihorachai_6348049228.png
Pawitra Thongtep


Sarannuch Choktrirasawwat_6348069828.png
Suthida Jarungsirawat


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