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Project Advisor : Dr. Remy Jarry

Homebound is a branded event that communicates via home exhibition aimed to redefine the concept of a quality life by emphasising the significance of time spent with loved ones. By focusing on the home as a symbol of warmth and family ties, the project aimed to encourage individuals to reevaluate their priorities and allocate time to what holds true value. Through a series of initiatives and campaigns, the project sought to raise awareness about the importance of quality time with family and encourage individuals to create meaningful connections with their loved ones to ultimately instil a greater appreciation for the value of family bonds and their profound impact on overall well-being and happiness.


Quality time is a fundamental component of an individual's growth. However, today's fast-paced and digital-driven world often leads to disconnected or less human interactions, with individuals spending more time on devices and less time engaging in meaningful face-to-face communication. Digital distractions and busy lifestyles are reducing quality family time, affecting emotional, social, and cognitive development. Despite its importance, many are unaware of the effect of the lack of quality time on their well-being. A greater appreciation for the value of quality time has the potential to embark on a profound journey to enhance the livability of communities. The proposal event is designed and organised under a new brand, “Homebound.”

The Homebound exhibition event consists of different informative and interactive activities covering a total of 3 areas under house aspects: living room, kitchen room, and bedroom, each room has a different purpose to represent a gradual increase in intimacy and iterations. The event’s theme will be the conceptual exploration of quality time for individuals’ reminder to show how valuable quality time is and how little of it we have. The entire concept of the exhibition revolves around spending quality, so we wanted to show people that it is not only important but also possible to make time for your family despite your busy schedule. With this proposal, the event will be held from 10-14 April 2025 at Slowcombo Samyan. To promote the event, our team has an event proposal publicity plan, inducing an official Instagram account, social media advertisements, interactive content promotion, influencer marketing, and press releases.

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Jira Saranukulvong


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Chonmapat Chamnarnphol


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Thitawan Berananda


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Wanta Lohawatanakul


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