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NeighborDudes: The Exhibition

Project Advisor : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pavel Slutsky

The NeighborDudes Project: The Exhibition is a resident-driven still photo exhibition that uses photography to showcase daily life in Talat Noi in an aspect of religion, belief, cuisine, and architecture. This project empowers residents to reclaim their narrative and celebrate their cultural heritage, while fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation from visitors.


The NeighborDudes Project: The Exhibition, one of the two-part projects held at The Warehouse Talat Noi from April 20-21, 2024, offers a unique and impactful perspective to the typical experience of the neighborhood. This perspective is focused on the locals of Talat Noi, which utilizes photography as a tool to showcase the different people of daily life in this livable community like Talat Noi, including religious practices, local beliefs, cuisine, and captivating architecture.

Beyond mere observation, the project empowers locals to reclaim control over their cultural narrative. Photographs become windows into the soul of Talat Noi, revealing the intricacies of daily routines, cherished rituals, and the flavors that define the local culinary landscape. This shift in perspective fosters a warming sense of ownership and pride within the community, celebrating the cultural heritage that binds people of different backgrounds together.

The project's impact extends far beyond artistic expression. It serves as a bridge between residents and visitors, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Talat Noi's unique social and cultural fabric. Through interactive elements like the "Inside Out" map, residents collaborate on a physical representation of their space, strengthening community bonds and highlighting the neighborhood's distinct character by adding elements to the map together. This fosters respect among visitors, and allows them to understand the location beyond the touristic insights.

Ultimately, The NeighborDudes Project: The Exhibition has the potential to create a lasting positive impact. By empowering residents, fostering community pride, and attracting responsible visitors, the project paves the way for a more sustainable and respectful future for this historic neighborhood. It serves as a powerful connection between arts and communities to celebrate cultural identity, foster understanding, and build bridges between people.

Prangkaew Jirunthorn_6348040528.jpg
Jintaamporn Dechapaiboon


Parin Sirihorachai_6348049228.png
Touchapol Boonyaratseranee


Sarannuch Choktrirasawwat_6348069828.png
Kritsapatorn Napawiwattanakul


Sarannuch Choktrirasawwat_6348069828.png
Napatcha Kliangpradit


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