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Social Media Campaign

The Pawsitive Change project

Project Advisor : Assistant Professor Dr. Teerada Chongkolrattanaporn

The purpose of the Pawsitive Change project is to solve the stray dog problem, which is a long-term social issue that has been present in Thailand for many decades, under the concept of a “livable community.” Our primary objective is to raise awareness and identify the primary causes of a significant increase in the stray dog population that the majority disregard. On top of that, we would like to reintroduce and emphasize an ultimate and effective solution of the CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release) initiative program first proposed and implemented by the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand.


This project is where we can maximize the communication management practice, especially changing the attitude of the audience toward the stray dog community in a powerful manner. Hence, we proudly present “The Pawsitive Change Project” online campaign with the ambition of driving social change to improve the quality of life together with the well-being of stray dogs in Thailand.

In order to gain insight and actual perspective toward this issue, we have conducted interviews with foundations, shelters, and organizations. We would have recognized the misconception and beliefs of this issue among the audience to develop the communication campaign and contents that are powerful and can capture a large amount of attention. The content plan is categorized into four main phases: Tease, Reveal, Engage, and Amplify. Each phrase features different communicative approaches so that the audience would gradually generate positivity for our campaign and stray dogs.

Prangkaew Jirunthorn_6348040528.jpg
Patipon Onkaew


Parin Sirihorachai_6348049228.png
Wasinee Buranasiri


Sarannuch Choktrirasawwat_6348069828.png
Nawara Fuangwatthana


Sarannuch Choktrirasawwat_6348069828.png
Tanyaporn Khemthong


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