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Aquacycle: Driving Towards Carbon Neutrality with REC

Thailand is a country dealing with huge amounts of plastic pollution. A main contributing factor to this cause is lifestyle. Our project’s goal is to transform Thai people’s way of life into where they are more concerned about their habits which affect the environment. The aim is to spread awareness and change people’s habits about handling their plastic waste within Chulalongkorn University.



123PROJECT is a service aiming to enhance the quality of life in the rural community by fulfilling their actual needs. It is related to the theme of a liveable community. The first prototype project is “Light Up The Community”. It was a collaboration project with SHE KNOWS – a fashion brand. The project's goal was to improve the educational needs of 216 students at Wat Baan-Or School in Ayutthaya. The community lacked clean socks and educational materials; therefore, this project supported them with clean socks and stationery sets. The project was conducted on SHE KNOWS’ social media platforms with a tactic of “1 order = 1 Donation when purchasing with SHE KNOWS at the minimum of 800 baht”. 



The Re-Shirt exhibition was held on the 6th-7th of April 2024, located at Art4C Art Center near the Samyarn Mitrtown shopping mall. This project aims to raise awareness regarding the fast-fashion trend
which is rapidly spreading across the globe. We introduced the new redesign and interpretation from a second hand T-shirt that we collected from our classmates in order to demonstrate that something that
people considered as a waste, we can create a new creativity and interpretation.


SARTSAN: Thai Arts and Crafts / Campaign name : SARTSAN Palette of Thai Craft

SARTSAN: Thai Arts and Crafts is a community-driven project aimed at preserving Thai cultural heritage and empowering local communities. It was born from a desire to shed light on forgotten traditions and engage people in the intricacies of Thai arts and crafts, starting with the discovery of a previously unknown Thai dessert. By offering workshops and interactive experiences, SARTSAN provides a platform for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to immerse themselves in the richness of Thai cultural heritage in a contemporary context, challenging the perception of traditional crafts as old and solemn. The project seeks to not only celebrate these crafts but also to foster curiosity, appreciation, and ownership among participants while elevating Thai arts and crafts as symbols of cultural identity on the global stage, ultimately contributing to a more vibrant, inclusive, and culturally rich society.



NIMBY Stands for Not In My BackYard. With the vision to “Speak, Solve, and Evolve, A Better Life for All,” NIMBY is a witty, sassy, storytelling cartoon designed to address the harsh reality we want to keep out of our backyard. The launch focuses on environmental concern of sea level rise, highlighted through the risks of “2050 Bangkok City Submerged”



"Unfiltered.bkk" is a communication campaign that has been created from our group's commitment to acknowledge city people about hidden places in Bangkok, while leveraging the power of social media tools. The campaign was launched on the Instagram and Tiktok account, "Unfiltered.bkk," in order to suggest the activity in each place to guide people what interesting things to do.


Beyond Fibres

“Beyond Fibres” is a communication campaign that aims to raise awareness and appreciation for the physical values of pineapple fibres and the benefits to communities involved in their production. Through a collaboration with ANANAS, a local Thai brand specialising in pineapple fibres, we have enhanced their online presence and deliver engaging education content to Gen Z individuals. We are committed to showcase the pivotal role of pineapple fibres in fostering our version of a ‘liveable community,’ characterised by environmental well-being, economic prosperity and cultural preservation. 


Furry Buddy

Furry Buddy Project is a communication campaign aimed at promoting mental well-being among Thai university students by highlighting the benefits of animal companionship through Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA).


The Pawsitive Change project

The purpose of the Pawsitive Change project is to solve the stray dog problem, which is a long-term social issue that has been present in Thailand for many decades, under the concept of a “livable community.” Our primary objective is to raise awareness and identify the primary causes of a significant increase in the stray dog population that the majority disregard. On top of that, we would like to reintroduce and emphasize an ultimate and effective solution of the CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release) initiative program first proposed and implemented by the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand.


Merry Creamery

At Merry Creamery, we recognise the growing stress in Thai society. Therefore, our mission is to bring back joy into your life through 6 flavors of sugar-free, mood-uplifting ice cream made from oat milk because we believe that the root to a livable community starts with the happiness in each individual.


(มุมมองแมว) The Exhibition

The Moommongmeow exhibition is held on the 25 of April- 5 May, located at GalileOasis (art space area). The exhibition contains the exhibition zone , workshop zone , and cat adoption. Collaborating with GallieOasis, the exhibition is introduced as an interactive form ,
portraying the house of the cat named ‘care’ who lives like a human but thinks like a cat. A cat who finds peace and happiness in his own living and wants to share his perspective


NeighborDudes: The Exhibition

The NeighborDudes Project: The Exhibition is a resident-driven still photo exhibition that uses photography to showcase daily life in Talat Noi in an aspect of religion, belief, cuisine, and architecture. This project empowers residents to reclaim their narrative and celebrate their cultural heritage, while fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation from visitors.


Neighbordudes : Market

The NeighborDudes Market project intends to encourage a vibrant initiative to bring genuine recognition and pleasant emotions to the Talat Noi district. The project's objectives are to celebrate Talat Noi's rich cultural heritage, strengthen community ties, and empower local businesses through the execution of the market event. By providing a venue where a local market showcases the wide range of goods and delectable foods that really capture the essence of Talat Noi.



Homebound is a branded event that communicates via home exhibition aimed to redefine the concept of a quality life by emphasising the significance of time spent with loved ones. By  focusing on the home as a symbol of warmth and family ties, the project aimed to encourage individuals to reevaluate their priorities and allocate time to what holds true value. Through a series of initiatives and campaigns, the project sought to raise awareness about the importance of quality time with family and encourage individuals to create meaningful connections with their loved ones to ultimately instil a greater appreciation for the value of family bonds and their profound impact on overall well-being and happiness.



HaThaiTunes is an ‘interactive exhibition’ designed to offer the younger generation a fresh and fun experience of Thai Traditional Music.


kOOi Application

KOOi is a senior project that aims to develop a mobile application facilitating open communication within families about mental health. With the app, users will be able to reduce the stigma and be guided through discussing their mental well-being with their parents or children.


Jaifu Chatbot,  Your Virtual Companion for Stress Relief and Emotional Well-Being

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Jaifu is here to help! Jaifu is designed for teens and young adults, offering a friendly ear, emotional support, and a dose of cheer during tough times. With different personalities to match your mood, Jaifu provides a safe space to confide, get a pick-me-up, or simply find a non-judgmental companion.


Tale of Tex

Our thesis focuses on creating a children's book aimed at boys aged 4-8, addressing the social pressure on boys to suppress emotions and be unable to express them healthily. By leveraging storytelling and visual elements, our children’s book aims to encourage boys’ healthy emotional expression by (1) speaking with trusted adults, (2) being mindful of their actions and how they impact others, (3) accountability and apologizing, and (4) being kind to themselves and their valid needs. 


Miss Fortune Comic

Miss Fortune is a short comic series that aims to bring positivity into the lives of young teens and adults by telling a motivational story about how to enjoy life in a 'livable community.' Life can often feel unfair or just 'livable,' but by reflecting on these moments, we hope to encourage people to keep moving forward, as we believe that everyone can overcome these momentary struggles.


Beyond the Bounds

‘Beyond the Bounds’ project was created with the hope to raise awareness and alleviate problems in the visual impairment community, in terms of communication and entertainment. An inclusive board game was developed to create a communication channel between two groups and provide educational tools for visually impaired students which enhance their skills. The project also includes a fundraising campaign through social media to raise awareness and provide edutainment games for visually impaired students. With the support from several organizations with similar goals, ‘Beyond the Bounds’ project was able to execute its objectives successfully.


+66 24 Moment before we grew up

A documentary about the city's pressures, relationships, family, and work-life contrast: a story told through photographs, video and music. Each section is led by each group member and accompanied by their theme and style while maintaining the rest of the video's general ethos and production techniques.

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