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Teast the Dough

Project Advisor

Dr. Pavel Slutskiy


Teast the Dough

Through our collaboration with Suwirun Tea Plantation, a family-owned tea plantation located in Mae Salong, Chiang Rai, we were able to create crafted Thai Tea Brûlée donut under the name “Teast the Dough,” deriving from the the words ‘tea’, ‘yeast’ and ‘dough,’

the main components of our donut. Our partner, Suwirun Tea Plantation, has become a key contributor to the local community. The plantation employs over 100 local workers, many of whom are from ethnic minority groups in the area. The workers are provided with fair wages and benefits, as well as training and education opportunities to help them develop their skills. In addition to providing employment opportunities, Suwirun Tea Plantation also supports local schools and community projects. Suwirun has donated funds to build a new school library and computer lab, as well as providing scholarships for local students to pursue higher

education.With the donuts, we aim to bring a contemporary, modern twist to their tea, leading to new market segment penetration. Through our collaboration, Suwirun will be able utilize

their social media more effectively and obtain a higher rate of product recognition, which in turn will lead to them be able to more efficiently communicate their vision and mission of empowering local people and business, engaging Thai people to learn more about sustainable farming, and enrichment of the local community to a new, wider set of audiences.


Prisa Sukmanop 6248053628.jpg

Prisa Sukmanop


Radanidh Chantraprapawat 6248067428.jpg

Radanidh Chantraprapawat


Sathita Thienprasiddhi 6248072528.jpg

Sathita Thienprasiddhi


Varisara Sutthivana 6248069728.jpg

Varisara Sutthivana



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