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Project Advisor

Dr. Remy Jarry



Nowadays, numerous people have faced issues of body shaming, gender equality, and fashion choices. As social media plays a big part in society, the number of negative comments including discrimination and individual judgment made people afraid of expressing their thoughts, ideas, and identities. People would often complain that this person should wear this specific clothing. Overweight people should be selective about the clothes they wear so that their bodies would not be shown in public. Men should wear jeans. Women should wear skirts. Our team found this kind of idea has taken away privacy from the people. To reduce this issue, our team decided to create a campaign which collaborates with the fashion brand to raise action from the community. This would help to promote and enhance confidence among the public. Our team aims to remind everyone not to ignore this social problem as it still happens in society. With that being said, we choose UNIX_wear as a fashion brand that would become part of this campaign.


The campaign name is called “UCANBEUNIX” which is a fashion campaign that promotes the brand UNIX_wear, a Thai fashion brand that gained recognition by designing swimwear for Miss Universe Thailand beauty contestants. Having said that, the brand’s goal is to establish itself as a brand that is universal, unisex, and unique. According to this, our team sees that the brand has a similar vision to us. Therefore, the campaign was created by collaborating with UNIX_wear to encourage confidence in fashion by normalizing gender-fluid clothing and boosting confidence by promoting the individual’s right to dress. The main goal is to gain acceptance from society that fashion has no boundaries. Under the theme of engage, enrich, and empower, UCANBEUNIX holds and promotes that all people must be able to have their own fashion choices without any criticism from the society. Regardless of gender and appearance, UCANBEUNIX wants to ensure each person has the freedom to wear anything that they desire. UCANBEUNIX sees this type of fashion to be a vital element of

empowerment as personal style can show who each person is. Based on this, we want everyone to acknowledge the fact that everyone is different in his or her own way. Therefore, this campaign would support people to enrich their lives by seeing beauty in themselves. By creating fashion that is not limited to any particular gender, UCANBEUNIX can help to promote a more inclusive and diverse society where everyone can feel empowered to be themselves. No boundaries fashion is all about breaking down stereotypes and empowering individuals to embrace their unique identities. It enables people to express themselves freely without fear of judgment or discrimination.


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Gun Poekachaipat


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Kanisara Songsamphant


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Boonyarak Pitakteeratum


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Anna Bunnag



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