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Commongrounds Market

Project Advisor

Dr. Papaporn Chaihanchanchai


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Chanyanut Kraisriphan


Nichabha Sianglert


Ploynapas Petchjiravut


Jirapat Tangittipalakorn


The ongoing pandemic has disrupted the lives of many, one of the groups of people who were tremendously affected was students. For the past two years, university students have been studying and doing activities online. This results in the lack of room to express creativity and skills due to the lockdown and university closure. 

Not only did the Covid-19 have disrupted the lives of university students, but also the businesses around the Samyan area. Therefore, after researching on the strategy that will help both students and the Samyan community to recover from the outbreak, market events are one of the most effective strategies for various businesses. 

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