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Plyn. poster1.png
Brand Communication Strategy


Marketing communication campaign that aims to promote ‘plyn.’ — a clothing brand to increase Udon Thani’s reputation on Thai fabric among new generations and support the local community by creating products directly made from hand-woven Udon Thani’s fabrics.

Gray_s World poster1.png
Comic Book

Gray’s World

Gray’ world : the stories between the 2 worlds, one with colors and one is not. Colorinne the girl from the colored world falls down to the gray world learning the importance of colors and fights for them as she finds a way back.

Short Film


Choices is a short film in which you can choose your own path by playing as a main character in the film. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness about intergenerational communication between new generation and older generation.

Dressing Room Project_Poster1.png
Communication | Social Media | Marketing Campaigns

Dressing Room Project

“Dressing Room Project” is a project aimed at enriching and empowering people to conquer all the obstacles preventing them from exploring fashion that expresses their identities. We invite people to an experience of creation where they can try on clothes they think reflect their identities but have always been too afraid to try. Let them shine, and then share the positivity!

Board and Card Games


Let’s talk emotions. A physical board game aims to strengthen interpersonal connection and understanding through sharing personal and deep stories. We encourage players to talk about five most commonly experienced moods about matters that go unnoticed.

Under Our Ruean Poster1.png
Communication | Social Media | Marketing Campaigns

Under Our Ruean

Under Our Ruean is a branded event which aims to bring Generations Zs closer to their cultural identities through the incorporation of technology, popular culture, and social media.

Feel(in)Space Poster1.png
Events | Exhibitions | Experiences

Feel (in) space

Feel(in) Space is an event that emphasizes the connection of art and nature on mental well-being aiming for three main objectives: enhancing self-reflection, generating a relaxing space, and empowering positivity.

GirlisGirl Exhibition Poster1.png
Events | Exhibitions | Experiences

Girl is Girl

“Girl is Girl”, a women's empowerment art exhibition showcasing artwork expressing four different themes: skin color, body sizes, make-up, and fashion. The project aims to raise awareness about women's experiences through various forms of visual and conceptual art.

Heart to Heart Poster1.png
Board and Card Games

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart, a communication campaign created to bridge the divide between intergenerational gaps and relationships that need an extra push to get to the next level. Through the form of a traditional playing card format revamped, to stimulate the senses.

Lolanegoesgrand poster1.png
Communication | Social Media | Marketing Campaigns


#LolaneGoesGrand is our collaboration with Lolane to empower Thai women in all facets of their lives and improve self-confidence through words of encouragement by Miss Grand Thailand's beauty pageants.

Merandi is More Poster1.png
Brand Communication Strategy

Merandi is More

We are the one-stop marketing strategy service for a real client to improve their marketing communication and customer experience toward the brand.

Miss GIGI_Poster1.png
Communication | Social Media | Marketing Campaigns

Miss GIGI Campaign

Our communication campaign aims to raise awareness on body positivity through the brand storytelling of Miss GIGI, a woman with unique beautiful selves that enjoy her life in which anyone can be her. The core value is to empower women to embrace their own aesthetic and celebrate their perfectly imperfect body as perfectly perfect.

Parhin Project Poster1.png
Brand Communication Strategy

Parhin Project

We are a community project, focusing on expanding business along with its communication models for local students, together, create a sustainable jewelry brand called rhin.

Hua Jai (D02) Poster1.png
Events | Exhibitions | Experiences

Hua Jai

Hua Jai: The Exhibition aims to recreate public awareness and reinforce the true artistic values of art in a commercial era by creating a space in which ideas are gathered together within and beyond the gallery, publicize the artists, and help them to meet other artists.

Teastthedough_Poster 1.png
Communication | Social Media | Marketing Campaigns

Teast the Dough

Teast the Dough, which derives from tea, yeast and dough, the main components of our donuts, is a project which stems from a collaboration with Suwirun Tea Plantation, aiming to bring a contemporary, modern twist to their product. Through our collaboration, we created craft Thai Tea Brûlée donuts which focus on commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and community engagement

RelaxAgency Poster1.png
Communication | Social Media | Marketing Campaigns

Relaxed Agency

After having used E-cigarettes ourselves. We set a goal to inform the public about the effects of E-cigarettes not only affect the body but external factors such as financial burden as well.

Tokki Application Poster1.png
Communication Platform

Tokki Application

Tokki Application aims to be a one-stop communication channel for all concert lovers to find rightful insights about concerts, enhance their concert experiences from the very first step until the aftermath, and build one strong community of people who share the same passion.

UCANBEUNIX poster1.png
Communication | Social Media | Marketing Campaigns


UCANBEUNIX is a communication campaign collaborated with the brand “UNIX WEAR” which aims to raise awareness about genderless fashion and freedom of expression as well as promote self-esteem through fashion. We allow people to have freedom of choice to express themselves regardless of their genders.

UNNEW Poster1.png
Events | Exhibitions | Experiences

UNNEW Project

UNNEW Project proposes to address the lack of action towards sustainable fashion by promoting cloth swapping events, encouraging people to consume pre-owned items instead of mass-produced ones.

Wear For World Poster1.png
Communication | Social Media | Marketing Campaigns

Wear for
the World

Communication campaign that raise awareness about the impact of fashion industry on environment and give spotlight to the sustainable clothing brands. This project aims to make people notice and deeply understand the environmental issues that will eventually lead to the change in their purchasing behavior.

Communication Platform


Winny is a dynamic chat bot designed to enhance productivity and motivation within LINE group chat. With its diverse range of features and personalized approach, Winny revolutionizes the way teams collaborate, achieve their goals, and stay on track.

Zamzara Poster1.png
Communication | Social Media | Marketing Campaigns


From rebranding to an information hub, Zamzara transformed its image to meet global standards while recognizing the need for accessible medical knowledge in Thailand, making it a leading authority in the medical marijuana industry.

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