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Feel (in) space

Project Advisor

Dr. Smith Boonchutima

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Feel (in) space

People in a fast-paced society often feel overwhelmed by their responsibility and productivity, which influences the difficulty for them to spend time with themselves. This leads to a negative impact on their physical and mental health. As a result, our project focuses mainly on improving their mental well-being, leading to a better quality of life. We create a free space for people to boost mind relaxation and self-understanding. The method is executed via the use of art, which has been demonstrated to be a therapeutic tool that heals mental health for decades.


Feel(in) Space is the event that is primarily about 'art in nature' since this combination promotes mind relaxation and self-development through the concept 'my shade, mind shade.' We desire to achieve three objectives in order to enhance and improve people's quality of life, and each activity in our event is well-designed based on each purpose, including:


1. Painting Picnic Workshop is an activity in which participants use drawing and painting to answer self-reflection questions. This allows participants to actively focus and reflect on themselves, resulting in a higher self-understanding.


2. Mind Deposit (ฝากใจ) is an activity that encouraging people to leave emotions and feelings that they do not want to have in the Deposit Box, by drawing, coloring, and writing their feelings. This

activity  will let people think more deeply in order to better

understand  themselves and improve their self-awareness and self-reflection.


3. Tree of Kindness (ต้นไม้ใจดี) is a sharing-positivity space in which participants are able to share positivity with others by writing a supportive quote, and tying on the rope in the sharing area to boost empathy and encouragement.


4. Live Acoustic Music Zone, where people can relax and listen to acoustic music. Since it is a gentler, simpler form of music that people may appreciate and can transport them to a peaceful time in their lives.


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Prima Thiensiri



Pimsapa Ponlaboot



Hariswan Onnuch


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Aisaya Vongrattana



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