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TerapiaXCUSW Poster_1.png

Terapia X CUSW


Terapia x CUSW campaign aims to end the stigma surrounding mental health and normalize therapy through encouraging people to open up in talking about their mental health in everyday discussions.

Commongrounds Market


A combination of the word Common and Playground, we aim to build a common space where students with similar interests can come and share their creativity together.

Commongrounds Poster_1.png
Notice the Unnoticed Poster_1.png

Notice the Unnoticed


An intermediary that aims to address and notice the unnoticed issues and find the most practical solution that covers all 3 issues of businesses affected by COVID-19, in need foundations, and food surplus.

Be Pawsitive


Campaign management to raise awareness on the abandoned and stray dogs problem in Thailand during the pandemic. The Be Pawsitive project aims for people to acknowledge the problems and truly understand as they can provide a helping hand and make changes.

Be Pawsitive poster_1.png
Give Blood Give Life Poster_1.png

Give Blood=Give Life


Give Blood = Give Life is a communication campaign that aims to encourage blood donation to battle the issue of critical blood shortage in Thailand, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Benjakitti Park


The new landmark of Bangkok, Benjakitti Park Phase 2 and 3, has a major littering problem. Our team’s observation and interview with its senior botanist, Mr.Thongchai Srepunpong, revealed that fact. Therefore, our team helped mitigate this problem by encouraging social responsibility in accordance with this year’s theme.

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1 2 Samyan! Poster_1.png

1 2 Samyan!


Welcome to 1 2 Samyan!, a virtual community where

people's expectations and reality collide

Application Accessibility Guideline for Thai Elders


Guideline design for creating elder-friendly mobile applications in order to help the seniors transit into the digital age with ease and provide designers key consideration points.

Application Accessibility Guideline for Thai Elders_1.png
Rentry Poster_1.png



In the economic crisis, Rentry aims to create a renting ecosystem to Thai customers instead of unimportant purchases.

Sea of Stars


After a global lockdown, a young woman’s repressed trauma comes back to haunt her, causing her to go on a journey to the depth of the ocean and the starry sky to reconcile with herself.

Sea of Stars Poster_1.png
That Mad Podcast Poster_1.png

That Mad Podacst


A video podcast covering social issues whilst creating a safe environment for voicing opinions.



Stonata is not just an independent music creator but also a community. Acting as a safe space where both artists and listeners can truly express themselves, users can visit Stonata for a break from life’s difficulties.

Stonata A1 Poster_1.png
Grandy_s Pinto Poster_1.png

Grandy’s Pinto


Grandy’s Pinto is a food-delivery service which aims to improve the overall health of elderly living in Thailand by offering personally curated, and nutritionally sufficient meal plans with the close help of health professionals.

CU Yum Yum by Heartful Organization


To help Chulalongkorn University's canteens to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to a significant sales drop, CU YUM YUM is a
6-month-long marketing communication campaign under the YUM YUM campaign that aims to help suffering canteens in institutions across Thailand.

CU YUM YUM Poster_1.png



WASA, which translates in its essence to mean ‘home’, and ‘a place ofrest’. Our project will provide creative-based educational activities to foster homes around the Northern region of Thailand. 

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