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Notice the Unnoticed 

Project Advisor

Dr. Papaporn Chaihanchanchai


Chicha Ngamgala 6145314328.jpeg
Nitchana Krongchon 6145337828.jpeg
Varisara Chatpramote 6145362428.jpg

Chicha Ngamgala


Nitchana Krongchon


Varisara Chatpramote


Notice the Unnoticed Project aims to make a change for the better of the society by fundraising for the budget that will be used to trade with residual stock from vulnerable businesses. Instead of becoming just leftovers, these food losses can actually become a financial aid. Moreover, they can be one fine meal for those in need like a small and unnoticed foundation.  All in all, the donators who participate in this project will get to contribute to support 3 social issues of vulnerable businesses, in need foundations, and environmental problems: food waste. 

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