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Events, Exhibitions,
and Experiences

Feel (in) space

Feel(in) Space is an event that emphasizes the connection of art and nature on mental

well-being aiming for three main objectives: 
enhancing self-reflection, generating a relaxing space, and empowering positivity.

GirlisGirl Exhibition Poster1


Events, Exhibitions,and Experiences

Girl is Girl

“Girl is Girl”, a women's empowerment art exhibition showcasing artwork expressing four different themes: skin color, body sizes, make-up, and fashion. The project aims to raise awareness about women's experiences through various forms of visual and conceptual art. 

Hua Jai (D02) Poster1


Events, Exhibitions,and Experiences

Hua Jai

Hua Jai: The Exhibition aims to recreate public awareness and reinforce the true artistic values of art in a commercial era by creating a space in which ideas are gathered together within and beyond the gallery, publicize the artists, and help them to meet other artists.

UNNEW Poster1.png


Events, Exhibitions,and Experiences

UNNEW Project

UNNEW Project proposes to address the lack of action towards sustainable fashion by promoting cloth swapping events, encouraging people to consume pre-owned items instead of mass-produced ones.

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