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Project Advisor

Prof. Watsayut Kongchan



As frequent fashion consumers, the trend towards sustainable fashion and growing attention to fast fashion. However, the community has taken minimal action despite this growing awareness. To address this, the project wants to bring actionable change by encouraging people to consume pre-owned items instead of mass-produced items through a cloth-swapping event. 


UNNEW Project proposes to achieve three main objectives: to raise awareness of @unnew.project clothes swapping event, to stimulate people’s actions to “give and take” their pre-loved items to others and get good condition second-hand clothes back to their wardrobe, and to reinforce people’s desire to consider cloth swapping and second-hand clothes as an alternative option when in need for new clothes. These objectives translate into 3 activities: clothes swapping, alteration, and artist collaboration.


The hero activity of the event is clothes swapping where participants can give their pre-loved clothes to others while also taking new pieces back to their collection. The second activity is clothes alteration for providing participants with alternative ways to re-wear their clothes or alter selected second-hand clothes from the event to fit their preferences. Lastly, the third activity is artist collaboration which is aimed to change the barriers of buying second-hand clothes from unknown sources to buying second-hand clothes from reliable and stylish individuals. 


Chayada Kamonpraphaporn 624801412.jpg

Chayada Kamonpraphaporn


Phakinee Sirivoravit 6248062228.jpg

Phakinee Sirivoravit 


Kevalyn Sapparojpattana 6248007828.jpg

Kevalyn Sapparojpattana


Bhawika Thongrakon.jpg

Bhawika Thongrakon



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