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Merandi is More

Project Advisor

Dr. Rémy Jarry

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Merandi is More

The project aims to provide a marketing consultancy and execution for Merandi, a Thai bag insert brand specialized for Hermès bags. The project started by receiving a client brief and consulting with the client to understand their current situation and demands better. Both primary and secondary research was later conducted on the target group according to the brand target segment and positioning. With insights from the research, the marketing communication strategy was to create an advertising campaign on Instagram to increase brand awareness among luxury bag users. The team provided the brand with the product photoshoot, retouching, and caption writing for the Neutral collection and another yet-to-be-announced collection. The produced work includes still photos, videos for Instagram Reels, and caption writing for both photos and Reels for both collections. While the yet-to-be-announced collection remains unannounced, Neutral collection posts received a great positive feedback regarding Instagram insights and interviews with the current target group. 


The project resulted in an increase of 464.14 percent in impressions for photo posts and 111.76 percent for video posts. Regarding sales, the number of inserts sold increased by 13 percent.


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Nicha Teekeng 



Napatsa Ratanapruks



Sukhapat Wongta 



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