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Miss GIGI Campaign

Project Advisor

Dr. Suthiluck Vungsuntitum

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Miss GIGI Campaign

The campaign is executed by collaborating with the high-end Thai swimwear brand called “GIGI Beachbabe'' which shares a strong passion and value for women’s empowerment. Nowadays, social media is one of the critical factors that tremendously have an impact on people's attitudes and behaviors toward beauty standards. Especially, when it comes to wearing swimwear, people who are worried about their physical appearance may feel insecure if they do not meet the standards depicted in the media. Therefore, our Miss GIGI campaign aims to address the aforementioned issue in society and focus on the aspect of promoting women’s

empowerment and body positivity.


The key messages are delivered under the theme of Engage, Enrich, and Empower through online and offline channels. For the online platforms, we use the brand’s Instagram account to convey the concept of embracing diverse body shapes, sizes, and appearances through the photoshoot of real-size beauty models, various empowering contents, and Instagram story takeover. For the offline platforms, the campaign will take place at the pop-up in-store showcase providing various activities such as mirror selfies, conversation booklet, and fitting room post-its. The activities aim to create conversion and spark meaningful conversations.


We value that everyone has true beauty inside that is deeply kept within confidence to express and to be proud of their bodies. With a free spirit and unbreakable confidence, anyone can radiate the ideal version of themselves, fully embracing life and spreading body positivity. After viewing Miss GIGI contents, the majority of focus groups are more confident in their body size, shape, and mark of flaws. And the post engagement reached as high as 3,542 likes, 1,287 saves, and 481 shares in total together with IG reels that reached 14.5K views within 2 weeks.


Taechinee Pattranont 6248032428.JPG

Taechinee Pattranont


Thaenrak Asavalertlak 6248034728.JPG

Thaenrak Asavalertlak


Thunwarat Tharasirisakul 6248040428.JPEG

Thunwarat Tharasirisakul


Peeraya Khusakul  6248057128.JPG

Peeraya Khusakul



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