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Under Our Ruean

Project Advisor

Dr. Waraporn Chatratichart

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Under Our Ruean

Culture is fundamental to social development, empowerment, sensemaking, and identity.However, Thai Generation Zs are gradually disengaging from their cultural heritage and traditions. Positive cultural movements have the potential to engage, enrich, and empower Thais.The proposed event is a cultural event which serves to invite Thai Generation Zs to enjoy cultural elements through the incorporation of technology, popular culture, and social media. The event is organized under a new brand, Under Our Ruean, theoretically partnered with and funded by the Department of Cultural Promotion.


The Under Our Ruean event consists of different informative and interactive activities covering a total of 4 areas under Thai culture: music, beliefs, food, and arts & crafts. The theme of the event

will be the conceptual exploration of a traditional Thai home, known as the Ruean (เรือน). Each area of Thai cultural activities offered will represent different parts of the Ruean, accompanied

by family-like mascots. The event will be held in January 2024 at the Siam Square Walking Street.


In addition to the event proposal plan, the team has also created a publicity plan which includes social media advertisements, press releases, influencer marketing, and an official Instagram account.


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Patislada Waiwong


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Nishrat Nakhata



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