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Parhin Project

Project Advisor

Dr. Papaporn Chihanchanchai

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Parhin Project

Parhin is a project that focuses on building a business and communication model for future use projects to apply to various local areas in terms of developing a talented group to the next level. For this local community, we decided to optimize the idea of a jewelry brand and share our marketing communication and branding knowledge with them through real experience and inspire them on further business opportunities from our brand. 


The selected community is based on the potential of the products and the talent of the locals. We finally chose to work with teachers and students from Pangmaka Wittayakom School in Khanu Woralak Saburi, Kamphaeng Phet where they are working on the stone accessories. The capability and technique of the students on handcraft are at a professional level; however, they still lack vision and direction on marketing and the current business trend. Therefore, our group’s goal was to share the business model and communication tips with the school through our 3-month project by collaborating with the group of students from the school’s business club, while also developing a new jewelry brand called “rhin”. The Parhin model includes three phases: Branding, Educating, and Sales and Communications. The project lasts 5 months, starting from January to May 2023. 



Kittichot Apiritnarong



Thanabodee Chumpoon



Nerine Richupan



Arisa Prompunjai



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