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Zamzara by Miracle

Project Advisor

Teerada Chongkolrattanaporn


Zamzara by Miracle

This project is called ‘Zamzara by Miracle’. Our campaign initially started when we realized the legalization of medical cannabis in Thailand. We saw that more and more dispensaries are popping up around town, with many international brands making a move in the Thai Cannabis industry. We saw the potential opportunity to become a leader in the cannabis industry in Thailand by expanding what Zamzara can provide for the community.


Zamzara is a medical cannabis dispensary brand that was founded right after the legalization of medical cannabis in Thailand. They currently own 3 different store locations in Phuket, including, Chalong bay branch, Soi. Tha Ied branch and Central Floresta branch. Their main business is sourcing and distributing medical grade marijuana. They also provide sitting areas at 2 of their branches, Chalong Bay branch and Soi. Tha Ied branch.


This project started out as a normal rebranding campaign but we later learned through our research that rebranding to fit the world standard is important but we acknowledged that not much information is distributed in Thailand. It gave us an idea to turn the Zamzara brand into an information providing center, distributing medical information on medical marijuana through their social media platform to increase brand recognition as a professional in the medical marijuana industry.



Minje Kim 



Pongsakorn Vanichkorn 



Pakorn Watcharapuwanon 



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