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Project Advisor

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saravudh Anantachart



In the world’s history, Thailand is one of the most well-known enriched countries with unique artistic culture and tradition. However, with the importing of foreign cultures these days, it cannot be denied that the long-known cultures are fading and not being preserved by the new generation. As 2023's senior project theme is under the ‘Enrich, Engage, and Empower’ concept, the project aims to focus on enriching the Thai fabric heritage by adapting the traditional culture to the current era’s trend, engaging with the local community along with connecting them to the new generation, and empowering the new teenagers to be proud of consuming Thai fabric. Therefore, ‘plyn.’is created as a subsidiary brand from the original Udon Thani-made clothing boutique, ‘Papaeng,’ from local fabric materials, with the mission to increase Udon Thani’s reputation on Thai fabric among new generations and support the local community.

‘plyn.’ stands for ‘piece of a lively young norm,’ which means keeping traditional culture together with a young lifestyle in one piece of products. Since the company has the main focus on designing clothes for the new generation people, the company chose this name to

show that products can suit a young lifestyle while still keeping the traditional pattern of Thai fabric. In addition, the brand aims to produce each piece of the product under the concept of ‘local support,’ ‘hand-picked from the community,’ and ‘bring tradition to everyday life’ in order to transform the fabric into impeccable products while still keeping its authenticity.


Kanyawee Chittasirinuwat 6248002628.jpg

Kanyawee Chittasirinuwat


Pimnara Ariyawit 624805598.jpg

Pimnara Ariyawit


Titiporn Deelokcharoen 6248022128.jpg

Titiporn Deelokcharoen



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