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Project Advisor

Dr. Pavel Slutskiy



Self-love and confidence-building trends have become a popular topic across the world,including Thailand. However, in Thai society, many individuals are still unaware of its importance. The goal of our campaign was to empower women to be confident in their beauty. Not only to make them "feel" but also to provide contents that could "enrich" them with knowledge they could use to apply in real life. We aimed to create a campaign that would be impactful whilst also reflecting the brand we worked with.We created a number of media materials for this campaign, including artwork and articles related to self-confidence, in partnership with Lolane, a Thai firm that has supplied hair products for over 30 years.


Moreover, we have the golden opportunity to work with Miss Grand Thailand, a Thai beauty pageant competition. We strongly believed that our campaign had the potential to attract Thai women and help the brand gain new target customers. Through various strategies, we intended to engage, enrich, and empower our target audience, Thai women ages 20-35, on the topic of confidence. To point out, our most popular pieces have had over 15,000 views on Lolane's official Twitter account. Furthermore, the opportunity to collaborate with Miss Grand Thailand through the brand Lolane, the beauty pageants were able to help distribute the campaign efficiently. We believe it is vital to engage and encourage Thai women to be confident in themselves such as their appearances as everyone has their own unique beauty.


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Kannicha Thammanoonkul


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Chantharus Jongjarusparn


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Nataphan Soontornworasate


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Chamaiporn Pusansa-ard