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Dressing Room Project

Project Advisor

Pavel Slutsky

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Dressing Room Project

"Dressing Room Project" was a project that seeks to promote people's empowerment, engagement, and enrichment by encouraging them to wear whatever they want without fearing social judgment. The project had two main strategies to achieve its objectives: Conducting experience creation and creating content that shared positive messages about the experience creation on social media.


The experience creation involved four participants who were afraid to wear what they wanted, and the team supported them with compliments and positive words while they tried on the clothes that they felt identified with. The project team conducted pre-experience creation, during experience creation, and

post-experience creation interviews with each participants to evaluate the effectiveness of the encouragement, positive words, and friends' company in helping them broke through societal judgment and felt confident in wearing what they identified with.


The team also created content about the experience creation that aimed to encourage people to wear what they want without fear of social judgment. The contents addressed social issues that hinder people from expressing 

themselves freely and promoted ways to overcome these issues through love and support from society. The project evaluation used both quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative data collection included a survey on how many people engage with the contents and how they engage with the contents while qualitative data collection included experience creation participant's interviews and focus group interviews of contentreaders.


The project referenced the Communication Pyramid theory and Identity theory, and the appendices included photos, transcripts, questionnaires, consent formed, and all surveyed.


Overall, the "Dressing Room Project" aimed to empower people to feel confident and empowered by wearing what they want without fear of societal judgment.


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