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Gray’s World

Project Advisor

Aj. Nicolas Verstappen

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Gray’s World

The project Gray’s World is a comic of 30 pages being a fictional story addressing a problem the Thai community has been having for so long despite being a country full of artists who composed comics or manga for more than a century . The story started from the main concept of how an artist’s work was always deemed as less important in society. The story reflects this situation of art being disregarded and introduces a gray world which is a grim place where all cartoons and anime are gone from the world now shaded in black and white. It shows how much everyone’s childhood is deprived from the creative elements that cartoons provide. The end turns into colored comics when the colors are brought back to the world after acknowledging how art and comics are not in vain and truly matter.


We aim to engage, enrich and to empower Thai children and aspiring cartoonists by using visual communication and storytelling and revealing how cartoonists and illustrators are

essential for our culture and our well being despite the disregard they face. . We are doing this type of project because we want to be a “mouthpiece” that represents the Thai comics industry, arts, and artists community. We engage the readers by inviting them into a world which shows what happens if the artworks and comics considered less worthy were forbidden in a society, reflecting on the status and values of these works in our own society.


We hope our project will impact all the audiences that will read our team’s comic, and that they will give more support to the Thai artist community and Thai comics industry.


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Panjitt Sundara-vicharana


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Kanes Limpchalerm



Natcha Ekvanichkul



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